Expat Café March 2018 – Community Gent

Have you ever thought how much easier would it be if you have people answering your questions about renting a real estate in Gent, registration at city hall, education system and job after university? And this place to be friendly with other expats who share their experience? Well, you now have it.

Expats Community Gent is pleased to invite you to the first Exapat cafe which can actually make a difference for an easier life in Gent.

This is the first one of series of this café’s for 2018. Later we will have more, dedicated to a certain topics. This year we will talk also about sport and leisure activities for expats in Gent, how to organise your documents before coming to our beautiful city, how to start a company here etc.

On 12 March 2018 we organised our own first Expat Café in Vooruit. Have a look at